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School of Puppetry is no longer supported.

Due to financial and personal problems, I am no longer supporting this website and the content within. But don't worry, you can still access the archives, everything except the pay-per-download patterns.

  1. Any page can be still be accessed! Copy the bit below:
    now paste it to the END of the URL you're trying to visit. Press enter. YOU'LL NEED TO DO THIS FOR EVERY PAGE YOU VISIT, OTHERWISE YOU'LL JUST END UP BACK HERE AGAIN.

    People can't ever seem to work this bit out, so here's an example. Let's say you're trying to visit a page from google. Look up at your address bar. This should say something like ''. Copy the bolded bit above. Click on the address bar, with your cursor at the end of the address. Paste. Press enter. So the main tutorials page has an address of ''. With the copied bold bit at the end it becomes ''. Any and every page works the same so just keep adding that bit to the end. Yes it's a pain. But well, it was a compromise between taking the site down and leaving it archived.

  2. You can still browse by going here.
    Just remember: You'll need to add that extra bit to the address ON EVERY PAGE YOU TRY TO VISIT.

In addition you can still find:

  1. All free downloadable patterns are still available, just not the pay-per-downloads
  2. Videos on my Youtube channel
  3. Podcasts on iTunes
  4. Photos on my subdomain
  5. Suggested books on Amazon
  6. BONUS CONTENT: You can download my bookmarks of other puppetry websites
  7. Those studying International Baccalaureate can read this article on bunraku. PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME FURTHER ABOUT IT.

If you are looking for more puppetry, Puppets and Stuff, Puppet Hub and Puptcrit are chock full of puppeteers willing and ready to share tips and ideas. In addition, you can usually find a branch of UNIMA (international puppetry organisation) in your country or region. Go to the UNIMA website to find yours.

If you are a past customer contact me via the email address below. I will not respond to general enquiries about puppetry, just requests for help from people who bought patterns. Thank you for your consideration. EMAIL: na AT schoolofpuppetry DOT com DOT au

School of Puppetry officially dead July 2013.